Paubox LogoClient, October 2016

Branding, website and JavaScript animation explaining product for Paubox, which is HIPAA-compliant encrypted email for healthcare professionals.

What it is

Your computer is not the safest place to store medical information. But your doctor, surgeon or dentist uses a computer, just like you. These computers need a password and encryption so hackers can not get to the private medical PAUBOX. The same thing needs to happen with emails online.

There is a law that regulates this security, called HIPAA for short. It is a complex law. Making it frustrating for health professionals to understand how to implement it.

Making regular email safe to use for your doctor.

Regular email is optimized for a speedy delivery, there are security measures in place, but they take a back seat. If a receiving email server is insecure, the email will be sent anyway. Speed is key.

There are solutions to this problem. You might have encountered one of them. You get an email saying there is a message waiting for you. You have to sign up and log in to a secure private portal just to view your message.

Another alternative are plugins for webmail or new apps that everyone has to install, including the receiver.

This is not a comfortable way to use email. It is so cumbersome that most medical email is still sent unsecured through regular channels.

Paubox is a breath of fresh air that the medical community desperately needs.

Paubox solves this by securing regular email. The servers and the connection to and from the servers are secure. If a receiving email server can not process secured email, then the system sends out a link to view the message securely in a web app without requiring extra logins.

What we did

  1. Branding

    Clear visual branding with a modern futurist look.

    Paubox Logo Sketches
  2. Product explanation tool

    Explains the Paubox product and compares it to alternative services.

  3. Easy to edit Rails website

    A united styling and front-end through Rails, using YML for easily editable copy without programmer intervention.

What I learned

I was able to incorporate CSS 3D transforms in a novel way by using regular flat images in the front and background of the explanation tool.

The 3D space created is real, meaning It is easy to program more advanced animations and not have to worry about eye-balling the elements while animating.

In the little laptop and phone, this means they can display anything on their little screens, including entire other websites. They're like real little laptops and phones.

Paubox's branding allowed me to work properly with the Apple Pencil for the first time, which was a great help and sped up the sketch process.

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